Welcome, beautiful soul.  And thank you for connecting with us. There is one thing we would like you to do for yourself at this moment. Just remember these two very important insights: 

'Happiness is your natural state of being.'

'Creating is your natural state of doing.'

And embracing these insights more and more every new day is what we call 'life'. A journey in a physical world. A journey of Heart. Let our journey be your journey. 

Pim Smit & the HeartSpacers Team 

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Quotes and insights that might help you to experience life in the most positive way possible. 

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A beautiful channeling about improving your physical health. And we also have a guided meditation about money for you. Both available for free as an MP3 download.

Download the channeling to improve your physical health. You'll receive energy frueqencies that help your healing process and mainting great physical health. 

Download the meditation to get in the receiving mode and transform any negative beliefs you might have about money. 


We picked these two subjects because a healthy body and money in abundance mean freedom in this physical world. And we know you like your freedom. 

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