Do you want to live an even better life and contribute even more to the manifestation of the New Earth? Do you want to embrace your Soul's mission even more and grow in your life purpose as a Lightworker?


Are you attracted to connecting with beings from other dimensions? Do you want to actively create a multidimensional civilization on our planet?


If so, then the HeartSpace Community might be the next level you are longing for. 

This is what we do for you

We - the HeartSpacers team - create amazing content for you. This content consists of videos, channelings and guided meditations that all help you to reach your full potential. The content is packed with energetic downloads and made for you out of lust for life and the fulfilment of our life purpose. You will absolutely feel this!

The topics discussed are numerous, and have two common goals - increasing your happiness and strengthening your creative power. The reason for these two focus points is simple but very important;


Happiness is your natural state of being

and creating is your natural state of doing.


The more you can embrace these two aspects as the essence of your life, the more you will be able to fulfil your potential and life purpose. 


This is the team that's there for you

There is a whole team of light beings behind the HeartSpace Community, but these are the names you will hear and see in the videos and channelings. 

Lamané (spirit guide)


Her strengths are having a very mature playfulness and being able to communicate directly to your heart. 

This means that she not only moves through life as if everything is a dance, she also has the ability to get to you in a very powerful and heart centered way. 

As a result of that, you will learn quick from her energy and messages. 

Donna (spirit guide)


Her strengths are  connecting with all kinds of civilizations in our Universe and seeing how aspects of these civilizations come together. 

She sees the bigger picture and is able to filter the information she gets from other civilizations.


The information is tailored for us by her in a way that it will benefit human kind immensely. 

Pim Smit (spiritual teacher)


His strengths are to question everything and to explain quite complex topics in a way that you'll understand. 

His ability to travel to - and connect with - other dimensions is a great gift and he uses this gift to explore the possibilities for the future of our planet. 

With humor and playfulness he will reach out to the power of your heart. 

All it takes is ... 

... a commitment. Not to us, not to the HeartSpace Community. What you want is a commitment to your highest Self and your Soul's mission. 

If you're ready for this, joining the HeartSpace Community will feel as coming home to you.


You have found your 'Yes',

and you are now ready to become a HeartSpacer. 

Is this going to be your 'big shift' year?

It can be. It can be a year in which you learn so much, that you'll be thankful to yourself for the rest of your life. You'll learn everything about creating endless happiness, manifesting all your dreams and desires, contacting and working with guides and other non physical beings and so much more.


Basicly, you'll learn how to get the most out of life and how to expand yourself as a Lightworker. 

Watch two videos and two channelings below for free. That way you can feel what the HeartSpace Community can do for you. Enjoy the energy of Lamané and open up to the information in the videos. 

Free HeartSpace videos & channelings

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