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If you enjoy learning about life and yourself in an efficient and powerful way, you're at the right place. We - the HeartSpacers team - have developed an online community where you can find teachings and channelings about empowerment and enlightenment.

We will help you to remember two very important things:

Happiness is your natural state of being.
Creating is your natural state of doing.

This process of remembering, is what we all do. Even the ones who aren't aware of this. But for those who are aware of this or want to become more aware of this, we provide a way to find tools that assist this process.


Videos, Channelings and Meditations

There are five member pages available for you if you join the HeartSpace Community. A Start page, a Video page, a Channeling page, a Meditation page and a Forum page. On the video page you will find video channels on different topics.

  • Spiritual Essentials

  • Healthy Relationships

  • The flow of happiness

  • Manifest your dreams

  • Go Multidimensional

  • Improve your health

  • Q & A videos

On the channeling and meditation pages you'll find channelings from Lamané and guided meditations on the same topics as mentioned in the description of the video page. You can listen to them and - if you want - you can download them as mp3 file so they are yours even after your subscription has ended. 

The Start page is an introduction and there's a message board on which we leave notifications of new content we've added. We add content very often and we will keep expanding the HeartSpace Community.

The Forum page is a place where you can ask questions, share stories and answer other people's questions. We even have a 'Share your talents' category in the forum. The perfect place for you to share your gifts with other members. You can even promote your own work or website if you want. 

Learn all about Lamané, Donna and Pim Smit HERE

Watch two videos and listen to two channelings below for free. You can even download the channelings if you want.


See and feel what the HeartSpace Community can do for you. Enjoy the energy of Lamané in the channelings and open up to the information in the videos. 

Free HeartSpace Videos & Channelings

You can find more (free) HeartSpace Community content in the HeartSpace Community Facebook Group

Remind yourself

We all need reminders of the things we already know. If you would love yourself unconditionally, if you were absolutely mastering the physical manifestation game, you wouldn't be here on Earth. 

And as you are here to remember, the fact that you need reminders is actually an indication that you play the game well. 

We provide these reminders, and we will help you to understand that you need to revisit the basics if you went deeper into your true self. In every layer that you discover there's the potential of growing in the spiritual basics of life. 

Allow yourself to be okay with the need for reminders. 

Expand yourself

There's so much for us to discover. We are only living a fraction of our potential. If you're interested in expanding yourself by embracing more of your potential, we will provide the information that's needed for that. 

In 20 years from now, people will look back at this era as an incredibly powerful time where front runners and pioneers were brave enough to follow their heart. 

Allow yourself to be one of those pioneers. 

This is how it works

If you feel a Yes, if you feel that becoming a HeartSpacer is your highest exitement, you can simply subscibe to the HeartSpace Community. 

You go to the Subscripstion Page and you click 'Become a Member', you create an account or - if you already have an account - you log in. Select your prefered way of payment (Paypal or Ideal) and you're good to go! 

We have a lot of faith in the HeartSpace Community. It's very powerful, very helpful and a lot of fun. So we believe a monthly subscribtion that can be canceled any time is perfect. 

Give it a try. You can only grow from the experience. 

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