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Made out of love for life, and now for you to enjoy in love with life. 

To download the channeling and the meditation, simply click the 'Download Track' button. You can listen to the channeling and meditation before you download them if that's what you prefer. 


healing the physical body

In this channeling you'll receive energy frequencies that can help you heal your physical body. Lamané invites you to let go of what's holding you in that place of physical discomfort or disease and she shares about her own physical issues as well. 


If you have a desire to grow in your relationship with your physical body, this might be the channeling for you. 

the value of money

In this meditation you'll be invited to clear all limiting beliefs you have about money. Money is neutral and a great opportunity for you to learn about yourself. 


Do you feel that money should come to you in certain ways? Is it okay for you to spend money on whatever you want? Learn and go. 

This guided meditation has background sounds of a waterfall and very light guitar tunes. This will help you to get in the receiving mode. 

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