Lamané is a woman who lives on another version of planet Earth. A version of planet Earth that is - from our linear time perspective - 700 years in our future. Her full name is Lamané Emordo. She has three children. Two boys named Melchior and Drabo and one daughter named Zara. 

Lamané is a hybrid, but different from the hybrids that we know in our time. She has YahYel parents, but she doesn't know her parents. The hybrid program Lamané was part of is one that was created to see if they could combine species of two very different extra terrestrial beings. One reptilian race, and one race that is closely related to the angelic realms. 

Her strengths are having a very mature playfulness and being able to communicate directly to your heart. ​This means that she not only moves through life as if everything is a dance, she also has the ability to get to you in a very powerful and heart centred way. 

As a result of that, you will learn quick from her energy and messages. 

Lamané is channeled by Pim Smit in Sessions, Events and in the HeartSpace Community.  You can also find channelings from Lamané on Facebook, in our blog and in our Newsletter. All of these are linked in that Newsletter that you'll find on our Homepage


Donna is a hybrid daughter of Pim Smit. Her energy is closely related to the worlds of Orion. She lives on a spaceship with four other hybrids who all are involved in helping our planet Earth and the human beings who live on it. 

Her strengths are  connecting with all kinds of civilizations in our Universe and seeing how aspects of these civilizations come together. 

She sees the bigger picture and is able to filter the information she gets from other civilizations.


The information is tailored for us by her in a way that it will benefit human kind immensely. 

Donna is helping with creating content for the HeartSpace Community and she's helping with Events


Pim Smit started his own company (that was renamed to HeartSpace Projects in 2019) in the beginning of 2012. Since then he has organized around 80 spiritual workshops and group channelings and he has helped hundreds of people to find more of their true selves. 

His strengths are to question everything and to explain quite complex topics in a way that you'll understand. 

His ability to travel to - and connect with - other dimensions is a great gift and he uses this gift to explore the possibilities for the future of our planet. 

With his direct and open approach and his sense of humor he will reach out to the power of your heart. 

Pim is a channel for Lamané and on occasion he channels Zamla, who is a king in the world of the Elves.

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