channeling 'energies that belong to you'

Updated: Oct 21, 2019


"Thank you for reading, for opening up in this very moment we connect. There is an important issue I'd like to share about. It is about the exchange of energies, and the beliefs of energy that is yours and energy that is from the other.

Let me ask you this simple question, who is the other? Is it a separate being, a life form that is completely disconnected from you? The answer is no. It is not. It is a very intensely connected part of You, a reflection of Self and another projection from desires of Source energy.

So technically, there is no other. In other words, ALL energies belong to you. Let me repeat that. ALL energies belong to you. That is taking responsibility for being the Creator that You are.

Now, of course, there are different perspectives on this. Let me show you a very important one. Can you understand that lessons might have to be repeated once in a while? Can you open up for the power of repetition?

It is in this power that lies the understanding of what, by some people, is called 'picking up energies form someone else'. Please allow me to explain. If the energies that seem to be coming to you, do not feel like they are yours, please consider that the value of you going through the experience of feeling those energies (that might present themselves to you as emotions), could very well be in the repetition of something that used to be 'yours', but you managed to get through it. By getting through this lesson, these emotions, you've learned something very valuable. But, it could happen, that you need a reminder of that lesson.

Now you have a reason to feel something, that might not feel as 'yours' from a human perspective. You experience emotions or feelings that you used to go through yourself in a certain (stressful) life event, but you 'just' experience them to remind yourself of the lesson you got out of going through these emotions.

Please be aware of the fact that this might be the case. There is no need for giving anything back in this scenario. You just have to remember your own lesson and feel that this is the reason why you feel something that could be experienced as 'not yours'.

Be the light that you are. Allow yourself to remember. Remember the Love within, remember the lessons of remembrance that where lived. Allow the reflection that is experienced as 'the other', to help you with this. Do not own up the emotions. For All is You, and You are All.

Thank you for your understanding of the Me that is the You that looks into the blessing of the mirror of Life.

Your ever playful friend of service,


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