Do you (subconsiously) change truth?

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

This is number three of four articles about truth.

Do you (subconsciously) change truth?

Yes. It's that simple. By observing you are influencing that what you observe. Directly, and indirectly. The reality that we perceive as something external, is a reflection of something internal. So observing the external can be seen as looking in the mirror. And if you look in the mirror, you see something, that will have an effect on you, that will be shown in the mirror. So the reflection is no longer the same.

A simple example. If you are looking in an actual mirror. You know, those glass things that show your beautiful face :-). Maybe you see a little smile. You notice the smile, and maybe you become more aware of the fact that you are happy. That changes something within, which might create an even bigger smile. Or maybe your eyes show something slightly different. By observing yourself, you've changed yourself.

Scientists came up with a super awesome experiment that shows how observing changes the behavior of matter. It's called the two slit experiment, or double slit experiment. You can Google it or do a YouTube search. There are amaing videos about it! Worth the watch.

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