how to find inner peace (in 3 easy steps)

What if you're worried? What if you're restless? What if your mind drives you crazy with thoughts you don't even want to think? The solution for these situations can vary quite a bit. But there's one thing that you can always do - focus on what you want.

In these situations, you probably want inner peace. You want to be calm. You want to be at ease with all. But sometimes life can be so overwhelming that it seems almost impossible to create a state of being that is experienced as peaceful. Here are three steps you can take to find inner peace.


Focusing on self love is an incredibly powerful way to open up your heart. And through opening up your heart you'll find more acceptance which is what is lacking if you don't feel inner peace.

Self love can be experienced in numerous ways. Here are three examples of practicing self love:

  1. Think of a wonderful moment in your life. It can be the birth of a child, a holiday, or the first date with your current lover. Focus on the situation. Feel the situation. And if you can really feel it, if it makes you happy, then say this to yourself: 'I've manifested this for myself out of self love.'

  2. Think of a personal quality or talent. What can you do well? How does doing what you do well make you feel? Focusing on that talent or quality helps you because it is an expression of your true self. And as your true self experiences self love naturally, connecting with your true self via your talents helps you to experience self love in your more outer layers (your human form).

  3. Focus on a desire you have. You are a creator, therefore you will always have desires. Focusing on a desire (that you believe you will manifest) is a great way to remember your natural state of doing, which is creating hearts desires. And creating hearts desires is a great act of self love.


After step one there's probably a little more room for seeing things differently. If you've found inner peace already, then stop with these steps here. Just go enjoy life. If you haven't found inner peace yet, then take step two.

Step two is to see the situation from a more zoomed out perspective. Make it more general, less specific. If you worry about a sensation in your physical body that doesn't go away, try to zoom out. See that health issues are common and you will probably have them from time to time. Go see a doctor, and go from there.


There's love in every situation. It's up to you to see it. If you completed step two successfully, you can now see that health issues are common and not always a big deal. Step three takes it a bit further. Every situation is there to serve you. To help you. So what is the potential of this situation? How can this specific situation help you grow in more self love and a deeper enjoyment of life?

I hope taking these steps helps you to find inner peace. As with most things, practice makes perfect. So give it a go and see what it can do for you. And remember to enjoy the process to the best of your ability. That will make it more fun and more powerful. Isn't that a wonderful cocktail of life ingredients?

I say cheers to life!

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