I had a dream in which I lived in a completely different world. Super challenging, but therefore with amazing potential. Everything was so much slower than we're used to. I couldn't travel freely through all the restrictions. I had a hard time connecting with myself. We had crazy ways to transport ourselves. Very vulnerable vessels that broke down very often. We had to 'fix' those vessels in ways that are pretty crazy. It's like we had the tools but didn't know how to use them.

The beings in this world seemed to have some kind of blindness. They weren't able to see clearly, which got them into trouble all of the time. It seems though that they did want to help each other with this blindness, but somehow this made it worse in many occasions. The beings of this world where constantly looking for validation. It was like they were all running around with signs that said 'please confirm my worthiness'. I had a good time in this dream. But I have to admit, it was kind of hard sometimes too. I didn't realise that it was possible to forget so much of who I really am. I never knew that source energy could face so much resistance in its flow. What an experience. I might go back to that world sometime. I've learned so much! But I'm also very happy to be back. To be awakened from the dream. Maybe you'll enter that world in your dreams one day too. And meet the beings of that place. I believe they are called 'humans'. Kind regards, any Soul.

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