If you create truth, are you responsible for all the bad things in the world?

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

This is the fourth and last article in a series of four about truth.

If you create truth, are you responsible for all the bad things in the world?

Good question. And the only one who can answer this is you. As responsibility is an experience, not a fact. It's something you feel, or not. We like to see this as a fact, because we love control. But is it up to someone else to say what you are responsible for? Maybe not. Especially from a perspective of co-creation, seeing someone as responsible for something can be seen as bit strange.

Responsibility has a lot of value though. But most of that value, comes from within. It has to do with allowing ourselves to be the Creator(s) that we are. But instead of talking about responsibility, we could talk about it in a different way. As the energy of the concept of responsibility, holds a lot of judgment. 'You are responsible, so you are the one to blame'. That kind of energy.

Maybe the mirror can help out again. Instead of asking 'am I responsible for war, as this is truth in our world and I create truth?' You can ask something like this 'am a able to see that war is a reflection of something within?' If not, that's totally okay. It's just as important as being able to see this! As we, as a collective, as oneness, want the differences to grow and exist.

Practice it at your own level. Maybe you can't see war as a reflection of self. Maybe you're just not ready. But maybe you can see your noisy neighbor as a reflection of self. Maybe your noisy neighbor is the '@sshole' that you used to be. Maybe you have not completely forgiven yourself. Or maybe your noisy neighbor is a reflection of your attachment to an aspect of yourself. Maybe you feel you are worthy only because you always think of others when you play some music, or make noise in any way.

Allow truth to be fluent. Allow perspectives to evolve. Allow yourself to be, to Create, to experience, and most importantly, to change. As this is what you are; change.

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