money is not the problem

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

If you look at the world, you might see magic and problems. And sometimes the problems we see seem to be related to money. Some people make (a lot of) money while destroying the planet or harming people or animals.

If you look at your personal life you might see magic and problems. And some of these problems could be related to money. You would like to invest in your practice or yoga studio for instance, but you don't have the funds to do so. Or you would like to invest in yourself by going on a retreat. Or you would like to eat more organic food or live in a nicer house. But lack of money seems to hold you back.

But money never ever is the real issue.

Fear based beliefs are causing some people to make money in ways that harm others and/or our planet. They simply don't believe that they can make as much money or even more without harming others. They do not have the insight (yet) that choosing love can bring them so much more.

And lack of self love is a very common reason why people don't have enough money to do what they actually want. You don't think you're actually worthy of more organic food. Or you feel that a nicer house might be to materialistic. Again, choosing love can bring so much more.

You might feel closer to the person who wants to invest in more organic food than to the person who makes money while destroying the planet. But if you zoom out and see the bigger picture, both of these people are learning to choose love. This practice might help you with empathy.

In essence, money is just a way to show you where you are. Just like relationships, the energy of the moon, your pet, the movies you watch and the food you eat.

You attract an experience, you respond to it and you have an opportunity to observe how you respond and learn from the observation.

Money is not the problem. Money is neutral. Money can be love. But you - and only you - decide.

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