The passion of the heart

Once upon a time, there was nothing. Not the nothing that we know now. The nothing as in no attachment. Life just 'was'. It flowed through all its forms, all its beings, all its expressions. It was perfect, but also in need for more. This need came from the desire to learn about Self. Because if your are nothing, if you are all, how can you observe yourself? How can you see what it is to be all?

So the experience of separation was created. Now the opportunity arose to observe the All from a perspective that was in the illusion that it was seperated from the All. It was fearful from this perspective. It did not feel the love from the all and was under the impression that it had to take care of itself.

This perspective, this experience of separation, did not understand the mirror effect of life. It thought it needed to enforce its own beliefs onto others to exist. It thought it needed to pull something out of the external to find its needs.

This perspective is still within all of us. But now is the time to understand the value of it. To embrace this perspective as an incredible opportunity to expand in consciousness.

We, the people who try to create the New Earth to the best of our ability, we balance the experience of Oneness and the experience of separation. We understand that we are One, always connected to everything and everyone around us. But we also understand that we are a particle within this oneness. A 'me'.

The balancing of these two experiences is fueled by a desire so strong that it could cut diamond. This desire is what makes you a lightworker. This desire is what fills you with love if you see the positive steps we are taking. Steps towards the realisation of the New Earth.

The origin of this desire is the same place where it all began. It is not a physical place. It is an experience that goes beyond the physical. You know this so well. You feel this more and more often.

The origin of the desire you are feeling right now, is what you can describe as the passion of the heart.

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