The truth about truth

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

This is the first of four articles about truth.

'What is truth?'

Truth is the experiencing of a representation of a belief system or a set of beliefs. A lot of people see the physical world as truth. If you slam your head into a brick wall, it hurts. Based on that experience, the wall is truth and your body is truth. Pain can be truth as well. Although pain is harder to measure, so for some people this is more of a grey area.

All we see and perceive is a reflection of our beliefs. So for the brick wall to hurt, we have a belief that creates this wall the way it is.

The movie 'The Matrix' brings us some insights in working with truth as a fluent concept. If we can begin to believe that our perception of life is based on a programming, a system of beliefs, we can start to make changes in ways we can hardly imagine.

If we allow that what we see as truth to be a result of beliefs, we can work with those beliefs and make the changes we all want. It is a big and important step in becoming the Creators that we are. It is all about remembering. Do you remember your true power? Do you really know that you are the Creator of your perception of life?

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