what is enlightenment?

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

It is a state of being where you can deeply experience the perfection of all that is. It is the most refined balance possible of the two divine aspects of awareness, desire and acceptance.

To reach enlightenment, you practice the power of the parallel by transforming the either / or mentality. Something is not either true or false, it is All and perspective decides whether you perceive it as true or false. What can help in this is seeing 'false' no longer as false, but as 'opposite truth'. It is truths best friend, it facilitates the existence of truth by allowing energy to flow.

Because awareness creates existence. And awareness is the experiencing of energy flowing. Energy can only flow if there are opposites. The opposites create a field, with different levels of 'charge'. All existing energy now gets pulled or pushed in between these opposites. You have energy flow, and therefor existence. So the opposites are basically the foundation of life.

True enlightenment doesn't come from only seeing Oneness. Again, practice the power of the parallel. Yes, we are one. Yes I, the one who goes by a certain name, am one as well.

True enlightenment comes from embracing it all. That means you see that what people call 'the illusion' (separation, the ego self and the physical world for instance) is truth as well.

True enlightenment comes from being able to see your truth as an illusion as well. Can you see God as an illusion? Can you see Oneness as an illusion? Can you see the absolute as an illusion?

Only then one can be truly free, enlightened.

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