What is true and what is truth?

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

This is the second article about truth in a series of four.

What is the difference between true and truth? And what is the secret test in this image?

A lot us have seen this image (bottom of the page). It has so much value in it. It shows us about perspective, and the importance of being open to someone else's perspective. If you realize this every time you disagree with someone, chances are that you won't get into arguments that often.

But there is a 'secret' test in this image. The distinction between truth and true is pretty clear here. But what if that what is seen as 'truth' in this image, is still 'just' truth from a particular perspective? Growth is the only possible outcome of living. That means our perspectives change. What we see as truth right now, might be considered kind of funny by future generations.

What is the test in this image then? Well, that's easy. Can you see that what is seen as truth in this image, as something temporarily? A result of a belief system that is a match to your CURRENT belief system, but probably not something eternal? If you can, you've reached a point where you might have little attachment to truth. Or maybe just in this particular case.

Of you cannot, no big deal. That's just where you are right now. You could ask yourself this question: do I need truth to be something that doesn't change? If so, why is that the case? What is my attachment to (that what I see as) truth?

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