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Updated: Feb 24

Before we get into the whole 'Why you suffer' part, let's first be okay with the fact that this happens. You are here on this beautiful planet to learn. Breathe in, breathe out. It's all fine. You're awesome.

Now the reason why you suffer is very easy. You think you need something that you don't and you have attachment to how you think life should be. This is both a consequence of something and the cause of something. It is the cause of you're negative emotions and it is the result of the fact that you think you are something that you're not.

I love to work with practical examples. If you're cooking a meal and you cut your finger while cutting some veggies, is that a big deal? Is that a traumatic experience? No. It's not. Now, imagine the same scenario, but now imagine that you're not you, but you are just the finger that got cut. That's completely different all of a sudden. You have a cut all over yourself and you have blood everywhere. You got cut by a knife that is three times bigger than you are and you don't know how this happened and how to save yourself.

This is exactly what most people do. Let me explain.

If you could see/feel what you really are, you could see that your human perspective is just a very very tiny part of your true Self. It's basically a temporary filter through which you see life in a distorted way to experience and learn from this deliberate chosen distortion. That's all.

But most people feel that they are the filter, they are the personality.

Back to the 'cut in the finger example'. If your true Self is the whole body in this example, then your personality is the finger. Most people believe that they are the finger. So if they have a cut in that finger, it's very traumatic. Think of years of therapy, depression, etc. The family most be notified about this experience so they can help. A lot of suffering takes place.

It's so important (if you want to live a life of incredibly deep happiness) to remember this:


You're the whole body that was cutting up vegetables. Whatever life throws at you, it's not as big as you think it is. You're fine, you're infinite, nothing can truly harm you. That is the truth that is there for you. That will Liberate you from suffering.

Why don't we just choose this perspective then?

Well, one reason is that a lot of (spiritual) people are afraid of avoiding. They still suffer from the belief that they have to suffer (go through negative emotions) in order to get what they want (enlightenment). Which is not true. Another reason is that they are afraid to not be here, not be present, not feel grounded. It becomes a lot easier though to be extremely grounded if you see who you truly are.

I would say that...

I've never felt more grounded. I've never felt so happy. I've never felt so powerful.

And after over 70 workshops/group channelings and hundreds of one on one sessions, I can only say that these workshops / events are more powerful than ever. And the same goes for my one on one sessions.


If someone would ask me 'are you a human being?' I could only say 'no my friend, I'm not. But I embrace the human experience. I love the physical world. I love physical manifestations, I love sex, I love food and a good glass of wine once in a while, a love hugging, I love to exercise and feel my body. I love it all.'

How is this for you? Can you feel the potential of this insight? Can you be okay that you might know this but maybe not live this as much as you want?

Free yourself from your limiting beliefs about who you are. It is not avoiding. It is the exact opposite of that, you are no longer avoiding who you really are.

Thank you.

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