Your decisions write your life

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Challenges grow with capabilities. And as I have grown in the following of my heart, so have the challenges that come with this process. Following your heart has everything to do with making choices. In so many decisions that can be made, awaits the invitation of the heart. For you to learn from it while gaining experience in life. Can you listen to this invitation? Can you feel the desire of you heart to allow more love in your life? Can you see every single heart beat as a pulsation of pure Source energy flowing through your body? If I ask myself those questions, here is what I have to say about that.

To start of with the conclusion: no I cannot. Not at all. But to me, that is what makes me perfect. There is plenty of room for growth. This is always the case of course, as there is no limit to expansion of consciousness. I try to allow mysself to learn more about this subject every day though. As I feel this is the best gift to myself, and to the world. Try to be as heart centered as I can. Try to make every decision one that is based on love.

But sometimes this can be hard. It feels like a slippery slope, where the choice you make decides if you can hold on or climb even higher on the slope while having fun, or slide down and be disappointed or even angry. And the more you practice, the steeper the slope seems to get. This means that a decision that might seem not very important, can lead you to fall down hard if not made from love.

What does this mean? Well, this means that it can be of value for your process to become aware of the power of 'unimportant' choices. This morning a decided to go online for just a couple of minutes to look for a new lens for my camera. I want to create nicer videos and a new lens seems like a good investment for this. But I felt that I needed to let a channeled message out before anything else. But I didn't. I thought that a couple of minutes of online searching couldn't do any harm. I got signs, I couldn't go online and had to figure out why. But I didn't listen. Then the Internet search didn't work out, as I had no focus to figure out all the different lens configurations and what I needed to look for. So I stopped, frustrated with myself.

I took a shower and tuned into what happened. A seemingly unimportant decision ruined my flow a bit. Why? Because I didn't listen. I washed it all of and sat down and channeled a beautiful message from Lamané. I got my flow back, but the awareness of what can happen with decisions that seem to be about details kept me busy. In a good way though. I realize that it is a manifestation of my desire. I want this. I chose this challenge. And I will nail it. Some how ;-)

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