Tea Leaf is a very simple but therefore very powerful concept. Get together with like minded spiritual people and remember more of your true self. And then take that 'new' part of you back into your daily life. 


At Tea Leaf meetings there is no fixed program, nothing you have to do but there is plenty of room to exchange about spiritual topics and about life. Tea Leaf gatherings are donation based events,, so you decide what it is worth to you.

This is 

Tea leaf

Would you like to host Tea Leaf meetings yourself? That is awesome! It is a great way to reach out to a lot of people. And it is also very heart based way to make your network grow.


Do you feel an impuls to host Tea Leaf meetings? Great! The next step is to get in touch with me.

"Let's build together on the power of together!"

You can email me at pim@heartspacers.com  


Tea Leaf

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